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Val-kyrie Battlestar Side View by Deltara Val-kyrie Battlestar Side View by Deltara
Hull: Battlestar Class
Power Core: Advanced Fusion Reactor
Secondary Power: Zero Point Energy Module
Crew Compliment:
1,250 officers and crew
350 pilots
300 troops (when required for planetary assault)

10 Primary Plasma Cannons
10 Torpedo Launchers (6 Forward, 4 Aft)
150 Anti-spacecraft Lasers
200 Railgun Mounts
200 Flak Batteries

12 Shuttlecraft
6 Long-range Scout Shuttles
12 Heavylift Transports
300 Bladewing Air/Space Superiority Fighters

Born of the need for a warship with the speed and maneuverability of a battlecruiser, firepower of a battleship and the fighter compliment of an aircraft carrier, the battlerstar-class hull met all three. The basic design has remained unchanged for almost one-thousand years. Advances in technology kept the design upgraded to meet future needs culminating in the current Mark XX model.

The firepower alone ensures that no attacking enemy fighter or bomber squadron can get close no matter what direction they attack from; especially rearward assaults. Add in the newly developed Bladewing air/space superiority starfighter, and you have a warship to truely fear.

There is nothing Horde Prime's warship captain's fear more than an engagement with a battlestar. With an advanced fusion reactor coupled with a breakthough in zero point (vacuum) energy generation, the battlestar has all the power it needs to dispatch a Horde fleet in record time.

The Horde nicknamed the ship Deathstar because to date no Horde warship has survived an engagement with even a single Mark XX battlestar.

*Note: Yes, I barrowed the basic ship design from the original Battlestar Galactica series after finally finding blueprints for it. However, the stats listed at the top are totally mine per the mythology being set forth in my Horde War fan fiction series.
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December 2, 2012
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